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If you are ordering package resupplies, you are a repeat Hueristic Devices customer. Welcome back. You can also purchase the Basic kit for measuring equipment to replace lost or damaged equipment.


This is a resupply for your ProWater Groundwater test kit. It should contain the following:

  • Calibration standards for each parameter
  • Reagents for each parameter
  • Measuring instruments

IMPORTANT: Every time you reorder a new set of reagents, you need to recalibrate your smartphone/ reader. The resupply kit packs a set of calibration reagents and set of instructions. If you are regsitered with us, you can also access the online instructional videos and manuals.


Please note, when you recalibrate, you are basically providing your smartphone with a colour-and-contaminant-concentration directory. The results of the tests will be as accurate as the directory, so please follow calibration instructions carefully. Wash instruments with distilled water to eliminate contamination; measure exactly to get good calibration results.


*Resupply kits do not come with a kit bag and reader/smartphone

*Prices mentioned do not include taxes. 18% GST will be added at checkout.


ProWater Groundwater Resupply Kit

Excluding Taxes
  • Components for a basic thirteen-parameter groundwater kit (100 tests)


    • Calibration standards and reagents arsenic, calcium, chloride, fluoride, magnesium, nitrate, sulphate, total alkalinity, total hardness, turbidity and pH for 100 tests

    • Reagent measuring instruments ( test tubes, spatulas etc)