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70% of India’s demand for drinking water is met from groundwater. But groundwater is variable. It can contain natural contaminants, or toxins from industrial seepage, agricultural runoff, and leachate from sanitary landfills.


The effects of contamination show up in product inconsistencies, equipment damage and as health symptoms. Testing helps to ensure absence of toxins and pollutants in groundwater.


The Hueristic Devices ProWater testing kit gives on site test results, with shareable reports and dashboards. This app-based, portable, colorimetric test kit has been designed for field water testing.


This product is a multi-parameter package. Keep an eye out for updates on our soon-to-be launched groundwater heavy metals testing kit.


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*This is a reuse kit for economic sustained testing. Please go straight to Reorder/ Resupply packages and Basic Kit combinations with and without reader and bag, for continued testing.

*Maintenance and calibration standards are supplied with all resupply kits.

ProWater Groundwater

Excluding Taxes
  • Thirteen-parameter kit* tests for arsenic, calcium, chloride,*  fluoride, magnesium,* nitrate, sulphate, total alkalinity, total hardness,* total iron, turbidity,*  pH and TDS  

        *Titration tests



    Kit components

    Organizer bag (1)

    Instruction manual (1)

    Pre-calibrated reader/smartphone for reading and sharing test results (1)

    Chemical reagents (in options for 50/100 tests)

    Testing and measuring equipment, which include 

    • Funnel(1)
    • Spatulas
    • TDS/EC Meter (1)
    • Filter paper (75/150)
    • 15ml test tubes (10)
    • Test chamber with opaque pipe (2)
    • 150 ml sample collection bottle(1)
    • 200 ml distilled water dispenser bottle (1)
    • 150 ml standard solution bottle (1)
    • 200 ml waste disposal bottle with activated charcoal (1)