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These tests for water potability follow the Bureau of Indian Standards for acceptable ranges of parameters.


There are many opportunities for water to get contaminated in its journey from source to point of use. Most contamination is invisible to the naked eye, which is why testing drinking water is crucial to municipalities, community spaces, food processing industry and households.


The ProWater testing kit for potable water is an app-based, portable, colorimetric test kit that helps you test water any time, anywhere, with immediate, on site, automatically documented test results.


The kit is available for Basic and Advanced use.


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*This is a re-use kit for economic sustained testing. Please go straight to Reorder/ Resupply packages and Basic Kit combinations with and without reader and bag, for reorders.

*Maintenance and calibration standards are supplied with all resupply kits.







ProWater Drinking Water

PriceFrom ₹9,000.00
Excluding Taxes
  • Basic seven-parameter kit tests for fluoride, nitrate, residual chlorine, total iron, turbidity, pH, TDS

    Advanced twelve-parameter kit tests for calcium*, chloride*, fluoride, magnesium*, nitrate, residual chlorine, total iron, total alkalinity, total hardness*, turbidity*, pH, TDS

    *Titration tests



    Kit components

    Organizer bag (1)

    Instruction manual (1)

    Pre-calibrated reader/smartphone for reading and sharing test results (1)

    Chemical reagents (in options for 50/100 tests)

    Testing and measuring equipment, which include 

    • Funnel(1)
    • Spatulas
    • TDS/EC Meter (1)
    • Filter paper (75/150)
    • 15ml test tubes (10)
    • Test chamber with opaque pipe (2)
    • 150 ml sample collection bottle(1)
    • 200 ml distilled water dispenser bottle (1)
    • 150 ml standard solution bottle (1)
    • 200 ml waste disposal bottle with activated charcoal (1)