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The water quality of fresh water sources like lakes, rivers, ponds is a good indicator of the ecosystem services these water bodies can reliably provide: drinking water, fisheries, irrigation, biodiversity.

The Hueristic Devices ProWater testing kit gives on site test results, with shareable reports and dashboards. This app-based, portable, colorimetric test kit has been designed for field water testing.


Add to the Ambient Water Test Kit from the ProWater individual tests range. Check for parameter-wise test range specifications in the data sheets. Write to us for custom ranges of parameter concentration.


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*This is a re-use kit for economic sustained testing. Please go straight to Reorder/ Resupply packages and basic kit combinations with and without reader and bag, for continued testing.

*Maintenance and calibration standards are supplied with all resupply kits.

ProWater Ambient Water

PriceFrom ₹11,000.00
Excluding Taxes
  • Seven-parameter kit tests for ammonia, dissolved oxygen, nitrate, phosphate, turbidity, pH and TDS




    Kit components

    Organizer bag (1)

    Instruction manual (1)

    Pre-calibrated reader/smartphone for reading and sharing test results (1)

    Chemical reagents (in options for 50/100 tests)

    Testing and measuring equipment, which include 

    • Funnel(1)
    • Spatulas
    • TDS/EC Meter (1)
    • Filter paper (75/150)
    • 15ml test tubes (10)
    • Test chamber with opaque pipe (2)
    • 150 ml sample collection bottle(1)
    • 200 ml distilled water dispenser bottle (1)
    • 150 ml standard solution bottle (1)
    • 200 ml waste disposal bottle with activated charcoal (1)