Good measures for good environmental housekeeping.


Hueristic Devices makes environmental testing kits that are easy to use, so that more organizations and individuals test soil, wastewater, drinking water, groundwater, surface water, process water and take necessary remedial action. Hueristic Devices' vision is to make measuring simple and accessible so as to enable timely, appropriate action on processes that impact environment, health and livelihoods. 


76 million people in India do not have access to safe drinking water.

India's SDG6 targets for 2030 are equitable access to safe drinking water for all; reducing pollution and release of hazardous chemicals into the environment.

How do we asses whether water is safe to drink?

Test your water to know what to do next.

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Hueristic Devices hallmark is innovation and resourcefulness. We create practical test data collection and data use solutions, based on tried and tested scientific methods,  for helping customers take informed action on resource quality. We are a Bengaluru-based organization. We were registered in December 2019, just before the lockdown year. But we are old in research and development. Look up the non-profit called Foundation for Environmental Monitoring (ffem), with an open source philosophy, started in 2016,  after its split (as Tern Up) from Akvo and brand Caddisfly, to set up its own systems in India. Hueristic Devices is the for-profit entity established to market testing products and sustain ffem research on environment and environment-related information.
The name Hueristic derives from the word 'heuristic' and the fact that we make colorimetric tests--that is, our business is reading colours and hues and interpret what this says about the chemical composition of the sample being tested. Therefore 'hue', and Hueristic Devices. A heuristic is a problem-solving method; it is also a philosophy, a way of doing. The objective of a heuristic is to produce a good enough solution to solve a problem at hand, in an reasonable, actionable time frame.
The 'heuristic' philosophy is reflected in our product design. Hueristic Devices products are designed to be simple to use anywhere, at any time, without having to make the effort of going to a lab. Hueristic Devices products and R&D are aimed towards making testing as simple as possible to encourage more people to test and act on science-based test information.





Meet the Hueristic Devices mascot, who stands for colour change in many culture around the world. Hueristic Devices makes ‘good measures’ possible.