On-the-spot results

Most labs take days or weeks to provide results. Our kits provide on-location results within minutes. These results are saved to your profile and are instantly accessible from anywhere in the world. 

Connected software

User and supervisor views help share results, collaborate and take timely, preemptive action on resource quality. Real time data flows enable tracking, monitoring and on-the-go assessments and decisions.

Automated data entry

Our mobile application securely logs  results into a viewable and downloadable format accessible only to you or your company from anywhere in the world. All your samples, locations, tests and results in one place, saving time, money and training.

Data visualization

Data can be noisy. We help you interpret your data with simplified visual views. Generate maps and alerts,  Follow trends, Flag data points,  interpret patterns, anticipate from historical data, generate reports and dashboards.

Robust science

Our tests are based on colorimetric principles using APHA prescribed methods. Test for nitrate, pH, iron, fluoride, free chlorine, arsenic, sulphate, copper, chromium VI, aluminum, zinc, total alkalinity and total hardness in application-relevant ranges.


Informed action with the most relevant information in the least possible time. Ask for ProWater products for professional requirements. Ask for the Elementary range for quantitative estimates of high/medium/low values.

Ease of use

Our kits are designed to be used by anyone. They  don't require special expertise or extensive training. The mobile application guides a new user through the testing procedure. Help is a click or a phone call away, when needed. The dream is to see testing find its place in every household and industry, rural and urban.

Easy re-supply

Our kit is a one-time purchase to ensure no wastage and lower pricing. We ship reagent top up pan-India. Our customers can mix and match reagent purchases to target their custom requirements. Or just order our pre-packaged bundles covering the most commonly tested parameters for different sources of water. The app can help track reagent shelf life and remind you to reorder.

A test in time

Sometimes acting on time is more important and immediate results with 95% correlation will do just as well as 99.99% accurate lab results. Our kits come fitted in an outdoorsy, organizer bag made for ergonomic use to test standing up, sitting down, anywhere, any time.

Price conscious

Our kits are priced to make data points more affordable. From complementing our corporate friend's bottomline to being an invaluable asset to a non-profit or government organisation and an easy investment for solo researchers and citizen scientists.